Every year fresh coast basketball classic gives away college scholarships to deserving area high school seniors to help them with their financial needs.  The 2013 application submission process is now open please print the FCC Scholarship info and application below, complete and submit to address listed on application.  Also for more information on our scholarship process contact (414)264-8222.

2013 FCBC Scholarship Application (click here)

Meet our 2013 Fresh Coast Classic Scholarship Recipients


Aaliyah Williams

High School – Washington High School of Information Technology

College – UW Parkside

Major – Nursing

Selection from Essay – “In my opinion, college is the place for people to learn more new knowledge, skills and experiences which are not only contained in books, but also in real life.”

Jerry Truss

High School – Washington High School of Information Technology

College – University of Toledo

Major – Accounting

Selection from Essay – “…..accomplishments don’t just consist of trophies, medals or awards.  Your accomplishments can consist of the goals you set for yourself.”

Emmanuel Adams

High School – Rufus King

College – UW Madison

Major – Chemical Engineering

Selection from Essay – “Avoiding negativity is a major social challenge.  I stay around and keep around me peers who share my desire to go to college.”

Anteja Butler

High School – Washington High School of Information Technology

College – Marquette University

Major – Pshychology/Medical

Selection from Essay – “Helping people has been a gig goal that I have always, even as a child, wanted to accomplish….I want to become a psychiatrist…..I would make sure my patients are well taken care of and they get the help that they really need.”

Quatajiah Cannon

High School – Brown Deer High School

College – Spellman College

Major – Accounting/Business

Selection from Essay – “Tough principals and teachers only mean the best….I really appreciate how my principal has pushed me….She knows we can do it and has a lot of faith in us.”

2012 Fresh Coast Classic Scholarship Recipients


Aaliyah Rodgers

High school –  Rufus King

Cumulative GPA – 3.738

College Selection – UW-Madison

Major – Nursing

Selection from Essay –  “High school seniors are walking a tight rope…they have to set aside time for each aspect of their life or the rope willl crumble from beneath their feet leaving them to fall flat on their face.”

Brittany Austin

High school –  Riverside

Cumulative GPA – 3.225

College Selection – University of Illinois-Chicago

Major – Pre-Medicine

Selection from Essay –  “It has been said that, ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measures’ …I think this means that all of us individually need to realize and use our personal power.”

Miguel Lomeli

High school –  Hamilton

Cumulative GPA – 3.696

College Selection – UW-Madison

Major – Engineering

Selection from Essay –  “I care about the success of my peers, and I encourage them to do their best in sschool so they will have more opportunities in life. …I know that with hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude, anything is possible…”

Maria Huck

High school –  Rufus King

Cumulative GPA – 3.442

College Selection – Marquette University

Major – Criminology

Selection from Essay –  “I believe the most difficult challenge facing graduating high school seniors is balancing a demanding schedule…submitting college applications..scholarship applications, extra-curricular activities, sports, volunteer work, a part time job and personal time with family and friends.”

Ivonne Rosado

High school –  South Division

Cumulative GPA – 3.978

College Selection – Marquette University

Major – Physician Assistant/Nursing

Selection from Essay –  “I consider myself as an essential example of how a person can improve our community.  My passion is to challenge myself each day and help others as much as I can.  The most important piece of my journey is becoming a well prepared doctor.”

Previous Years’ Recipients

Maria Huck – Marquette University

Ivonne Rosado – Marquette University

Miquel Lomeli – UW Madison

Brittany Austin – University of Illinois-Chicago

Aaliyah Rodgers – UW Madison

Stefanee McLemore – Columbia University

Cecilia Day – Edgewood College

Camille Youngblood – Amherst College

Cierra Childs – Howard University

Yolanda Coleman – Fisk University

Jamilla Stokes – Xavier University

A’Jeanette Krystell Gordon – Kentucky State University

Briana Robert – University of Pittsburgh

Casby Bias – Marquette University

Evelyn Denise Shaw – U-W Milwaukee

Kimberly Tenner – U-W Milwaukee

Zera Brown – Grambling State University

Joanna Gonzalaz – Marian University

Michael Ward – University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Kamran Roy – U-W Milwaukee

Scholarship Interview Committee

Kathy Malone – Juvenile Justice Strategies, LLC (former Director of Delinquency & Court Services for Milwaukee County)

Bill Molbeck – Commissioner of MPS Athletics

Clifton Phelps – JCP Construction, LLC

Lori Vance – Executive Director – Express Yourself Milwaukee

Jacquelyn Spence – MPS Literacy Specialist for the Partnership Region









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